I allow up to an hour for first sessions, the following sessions will then be 50 minutes long.

If we decide to work together following our first meeting we will agree a regular weekly time for your sessions.

I charge £55.00 for a session. You can pay weekly by cash, cheque or I can provide you with BACS details for online payments.

I have a few slots for clients on restricted income, please feel comfortable to inquire if this is your situation.

Feedback & Reviews

Over the years I have had several unsolicited positive comments from my clients.  Here are a few from the past 12 months.

” There has been so much grief in my life and to take ownership and acceptance of it has been an extraordinary experience, a journey that will last forever.  “


East Sussex

” To talk to Niall and say what came into my heart has been a truly wonderful experience.  “



” Counselling gave me confidence; I am more in charge of myself, just what I needed.  “